what’s happening in georgia?

A Beaten, Overwhelmed Army Retreats

by: Warren Street

Mon Aug 11, 2008 at 07:40:17 AM EDT

(Russian troops have entered Senaki–this marks the opening of a second front and the collapse of Georgia’s military is all but assured. – promoted by Warren Street) Russian troops are on the move today–entering Senaki in western Georgia and overunning a military base. Georgia’s small army can slow and sometimes stop Russian troops, but they cannot hold out for long: 

Russia issued an ultimatum to Georgia on Monday to disarm its troops along the boundary with the pro-Russian separatist enclave of Abkhazia, in a sign that fighting could escalate on a second front in western Georgia.President Dmitri A. Medvedev of Russia said its forces had “completed a significant part of the operations to oblige Georgia, the Georgian authorities, to restore peace to South Ossetia,” the pro-Russian enclave in eastern Georgia, according to a transcript of his remarks with Anatoly Serdyukov, the defense minister, on the Kremlin Web site.

Separately, Russia said it was seeking an emergency meeting with NATO to discuss the Georgian crisis.

But the Georgian Defense Ministry said Russian armored vehicles had overrun a military base in the town of Senaki, west of Abkhazia, suggesting that Russian troops had already begun to move west from the enclave into Georgia proper, The Associated Press reported.

The Russian ultimatum, issued by Maj. Gen. Sergei Chaban, commander of Russian peacekeeping forces in Abkhazia, called for Georgian troops to disarm in the Zugdidi District, along the border between Abkhazia and Georgia.

Does it seem like the West is dithering and offering cease fire proposals while Russian troops hammer themselves into Georgian territory?

Warren Street :: A Beaten, Overwhelmed Army Retreats
The Georgian Army, no match for Russia’s motorised rifle troops and the tanks and self-propelled artillery guns that have accompanied them (and the fighter-bombers that have been strafing them), is retreating. 

In retreat, the Georgian soldiers were so tired they could not keep from stumbling. Their arms were loaded with rucksacks and ammunition boxes; they had dark circles under their eyes. Officers ran up and down the line, barking for them to go faster.Weary residents heading south said they were beginning to feel betrayed by the United States, an ally of Georgia, as diplomacy had fallen short of expectations.

All along the road was grief. Old men pushed wheelbarrows loaded with bags or led cows by tethers. They drove tractors and rickety Ladas packed with suitcases and televisions.

As a column of soldiers passed through Gori, a black-robed priest came out of his church and made the sign of the cross again and again.

One soldier, his face a mask of exhaustion, cradled a Kalashnikov.

“We killed as many of them as we could,” he said. “But where are our friends?”

….The grimmest among the Georgians were the soldiers, haggard, unshaven and swinging their Kalashnikovs. A group of them had piled onto a flatbed truck, crowding on in such numbers that some were sitting on the roof, their feet dangling over the windshield.

One, who gave his name as Major Georgi, spoke with anger.

“Write exactly what I say,” he said. “Over the past few years, I lived in a democratic society. I was happy. And now America and the European Union are spitting on us.”

Some legacy. George Bush was greeted as a hero in 2005, dancing to Georgian music in front of a massive crowd. Within days, there may not even be a Georgia. Look for a puppet on a string, held by Putin, to appear as the new leader of Georgia, and soon.

The US State Department website has virtually nothing on Georgia–merely the remarks of the President and the statement that Mr. Negroponte summoned the charge d’affaires on the 8th of August.

Since then, nothing. The State Department works bankers hours?  Rice is on vacation.

The French take the lead:

French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner, heading a delegation to the Georgian capital, told the BBC that President Mikhail Saakashvili signed a document outlining EU proposals for a ceasefire, controlled withdrawals of troops on both sides and eventual political talks.The delegation would now go to Moscow, Mr Kouchner said, to convince President Dmitry Medvedev to back the plan.

But reports from Moscow suggested the Kremlin had quickly rejected the draft plan, saying Georgia was continuing to use military force.

The Russian Prime Minister, Vladimir Putin, also spoke out, criticising the US for transporting Georgian troops from Iraq to redeploy to the conflict at home.

Earlier, Mr Medvedev accused Georgia of “genocide” in South Ossetia but said Russian troops were now in control of Tskhinvali and Moscow’s military push was “largely complete”.

Using air, land and sea, the Russians have largely defeated Georgia’s small army and sent it into retreat. Short of exchanging the BDUs provided by the United States for civilian clothes and starting a guerrilla war against the Russians in South Ossetia, there is nothing left to do. Georgia’s oil and natural gas production facilities have been targeted. Further resistance will lead to slaughter.

Georgia’s dalliance with joining NATO is effectively over. Ukraine, you’re probably next.


Georgia claims to have downed Russian aircraft. Which ones? Where is the evidence of this?

 Georgia’s president says he has signed an international-brokered proposal for a cease-fire with Russia in their conflict over the breakaway province of South Ossetia.Russian tanks rolls near the town of Dzhava in the separatist Georgian province of South Ossetia.

President Mikheil Saakashvili said Monday that the proposal would be taken to Moscow by the French and Finnish foreign ministers.

“We are trying to stop this as soon as possible,” Saakashvili said during a conference call with Western journalists.

Saakashvili said that Georgian troops had downed “18 or 19” Russian warplanes, killed hundreds of Russian troops and repelled a Russian assault on the Georgian city of Gori.

He claimed Russia had 500 tanks and 25,000 troops inside Georgia.

Five hundred tanks or five hundred armored vehicles? The Russian Army tank battalion should have no more than 33 tanks. That’s 15 tank battalions, if accurate, and spread through the Russian Army order of battle, that would indicate more than four motorised rifle divisions and/or a tank division that Russia’s 58th Army did not previously have.


The panic and terror in this video is incredible.


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