sop at abu ghraib

Morris and Gourevitch on Abu Ghraib

Primary Sources: Sabrina Harman, “a U.S. Army specialist who took photographs at Abu Ghraib and was convicted by court-martial for her conduct there,” is featured in this New Yorker series.  Here are excerpts of Harman being interviewed by Morris for his movie “Standard Operating Procedure.”  There is a clip from the film, as well as video of Morris and Gourevitch from the 2007 New Yorker Festival, and photographs of Harman and of the abuses at Abu Ghraib.

Sabrina Harman’s First Letter
A clip from “Standard Operating Procedure.”
Watch the Video | Download

Look I Have Proof
Harman picks up a camera.
Watch the Video | Download

Letters and Photos
Writing home.
Watch the Video | Download

The minors detained at Abu Ghraib.
Watch the Video | Download

Errol Morris
Morris talks with Philip Gourevitch, from the 2007 New Yorker Festival.
Watch the Video | Download

Snapshots of Sabrina
Images of Sabrina Harman.
Watch the Slide Show

The Abu Ghraib Pictures
Photographs of the prisoner abuse.
Watch the Slide Show

courtesy  The New Yorker and their posted links:
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