a tragic and sad comparison: two blogs–wishes vs. reality in 2008

Iraqi dentist shares his story….and the comments are also revealing!….faithful

Where is the truth?

Today I heard about something that I couldn’t find a reason for till this moment, and I believe I won’t.

One of my relatives who lives in Saidia and who had to leave their home (which is a very luxurious and rich house) for 6 months now because of the violence and the impossible to live-in conditions of Saidia and who used to visit their home every week or two to check it and be sure that every thing is alright, yesterday they received a call from the only neighbor who still lives in their block, he told them that the US troops with the National guards had broken their house to enter it, he also told them that they should come tomorrow because it’s very important that they come, they didn’t think anything serious had happened, they though that they have just broken the lock pads or the doors and they should come to re-lock it.

Today’s morning they went, they went first to that only neighbor and took him with them, they reached the house and they were shocked, in fact they went crazy, the door was broken, all the windows were broken, when I say all I mean all, every single window was broken, they entered the house and they saw the unbelievable, every single thing in the house was broken, everything, the antiques (so many in their house), the crystal vases and cups, the expensive luxurious furniture ; every thing is broken and destroyed, the closets were completely wrecked, even the kitchen counters were pulled from the wall and thrown on the floor and everything in it is destroyed, even the door handles were twisted and broken although everything inside the house is not locked!!

They were crying and screaming, it’s a disaster, I have seen their house before and if I want to estimate the value of their furniture and antiques I would say at least half million dollars at the minimum, they asked the neighbor about what had happened, he told them that yesterday the US troops and the National guards had broken the door and entered the house when they found that there is no one home they started breaking the windows and the furniture for no reason, the neighbor was watching but he couldn’t do anything, they destroyed every thing and left the house to search the rest of the houses in the block, the did the same with every empty house, they destroyed the furniture of every empty house.

I don’t know why did they do that? I was thinking and looking for a reason why did they do that? But till now I couldn’t find any. If they wanted to search, then they could without destroying anything, there was nothing locked!! I don’t know why.

I asked them about the conditions there, and about the awakening and their role, they told me that the conditions are miserable, the streets are empty and all the shops are closed, it looks more like an army barracks than a neighborhood. The awakening in Saidia had failed, majority of them were killed and the rest had resigned and escaped, their checkpoints are just empty destroyed spots now as they said, they said that as they were going out of Saidia and they saw a convoy of US tanks moving very fast and destroy everything in front of them, they saw the tanks crushes the cars and destroy the fences of houses for no reason!!!!???

And from another aspect, and about Adhamiya and the situation there; today there was an attack with mortars, four mortars targeted the awakening checkpoints, it seems that AlQaeda is willing to start a war against the awakening as Osama Bin Ladin said in his speech few days ago, when he was so pissed because of the awakening, and he referred to them as traitors, I wonder what will happen next?

Few days ago there was a big problem in Adhamiya, and till this moment no one knows exactly what had exactly happened, I was going to Adhamiya when I saw a car without license plates (Toyota MarkII) stopped by the awakening checkpoint and they were searching it, few hours later I came back near that checkpoint and the car was still there! And there was a large number of national guards and awakening members around it, it was clear that something wrong had happened, at that night the bullets continued for about an hour with sounds of explosions and finally there was the sound of a jet fighter flying in the air (it has been a long time since I heard a jet fighter), then there was silence, I read about what happened in the news papers and asked many people about it too, everyone says something different, but all of them had common points…

the car that was stopped was for 3 terrorists, some say they were Iranian, some say two Iranians and an Iraq and some say they were an Afghani, an Iraqi and Iranian; the car contained weapons or explosives, they were arrested by the awakening and the national guards and they were carrying police IDs, they were arrested and no one knows where they were taken, and at that night a police patrol came to Adhamiya and headed to the awakening head quarters and wanted to arrest the awakening members who were responsible for the arrest of the terrorist, of course the awakening didn’t allow them to take their members and then there was yelling and fighting and one of the awakening pulled his gun and shot on the pavement and asked them to leave immediately, they moved away a bit and they started shooting at the awakening and the awakening started shooting back at them, then there was more police and more awakening and more fire power of course, until the US troops came in small number but couldn’t do anything, then there was a larger US force with air cover and finally the police left and the situation settled.

I should mention that the police is forbidden from entering Adhamiya because majority of them are corrupted and members in criminal militias, and I should also mention that the ministry of anterior replied to formally to this incident that those IDs were forged! And I would like to ask if they were forged how could a large number of police came to rescue the arrested terrorists!

Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year 2008

Happy new year to any one who reads the post.

Today is the last day in 2007, the last day of a year filled with surprises and sudden changes for Iraq, a year with many explosions and terror, a year with many innocents death and many miseries but yet a year with some good achievements.

as a new year begins, I wish peace will get back to the streets of Baghdad and Iraq in general, i wish that Iraqis could live like the rest of the world do, I wish that fanatics, terrorists, insurgents…..etc. call them whatever you want disappear, I just wish they disappear, I wish that anyone who wants to harm any human being disappear from the face of the earth, I wish the violence and the hatred in Iraq will go and be from the past like 2007 did, I wish everything is settled and the violence is over so the US government will have no excuse to stay in Iraq and Iraq can be as it used to be; a free, strong country.

I wish that peace will be back in Iraq and no one will feel threatened, so that the good Iraqis who left Iraq can get back to their beloved country as soon as possible, and help in rebuilding it.

I wish that no single innocent Iraqi will die anymore. I wish that Iraqis will be as they used to be; brothers and sisters, Shiites and Sunnis, Muslims and Christians, Arabs and Kurds….it doesn’t really matter, we are all Iraqis after all, I wish the Iraqis will be united again under a strong non sectarian government, a government that can handle the hard situation and looks for the benefits of its country before its own benefits, a government that really cares for Iraq and Iraqis

I wish you all good health and may all your dreams come true in 2008.

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