bin laden’s latest threat

Bin Laden warns Iraq’s Sunnis against joining councils

CAIRO, Egypt – In a new audiotape on the Internet today, Osama bin Laden warns Iraq’s Sunni Arabs against joining tribal councils fighting al-Qaida or participating in any unity government.

In the taped message, bin Laden says: “The most evil of the traitors are those who trade away their religion for the sake of their mortal life.”

He also denounces the leader of the Anbar Awakening Council, a tribal force fighting al-Qaida in western Iraq,

The leader, Abdul-Sattar Abu Risha, was killed in a bombing in September.

Bin Laden says U.S. and Iraqi officials are seeking to set up a “national unity government” joining the country’s Sunnis, Shiites and Kurds.

His message says: “Our duty is to foil these dangerous schemes, which try to prevent the establishment of an Islamic state in Iraq, which would be a wall of resistance against American schemes to divide Iraq.”


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