state department loses track of billion given to dyncorp

CNN reports:

The U.S. State Department is unable to account for most of $1.2 billion in funding that it gave to DynCorp International to train Iraqi police, a government report said Tuesday.

“The bottom line is that State can’t account for where it went,” said Glenn D. Furbish, who was involved in putting together the 20-page report for the special inspector general for Iraq reconstruction (SIGIR)….

The Department of State’s Bureau for International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL) “did not have the information needed to identify what DynCorp provided under the contract or how funds were spent,” the report said.Gregory Lagana, a spokesman for DynCorp, said the company’s work in Iraq is a “really complex program. … We buy weapons, body armor, vehicles, communications equipment — that all belongs to the State Department.”

Sometimes, he said, “it’s coded wrong or double-billed. We actually find a lot of that ourselves in the normal auditing process.”

Tuesday’s report is the second in a series of financial reviews ordered by Congress and carried out by SIGIR looking into large Iraqi Relief and Reconstruction Fund projects.

The first report, issued three months ago, criticized officials with the U.S. Agency for International Development for lack of oversight of their contract with Bechtel. Bechtel is a privately held, U.S. conglomerate of engineering, construction, and project management companies.


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