turkey waits….

While a Turkish invasion of northern Iraq seems imminent, with an upcoming vote in the Turkish parliament that would permit the Turkish Army to carry out operations in Iraqi Kurdistan, Iraqi politicians are attempting to reach a diplomatic solution to the crisis, while the Kurdistan government prepares for potential war scenarios.

According to al-Mada, the Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki has established a “crisis council” to oversee the situation on the northern borders, and will soon dispatch a “high-level security delegation” to Ankara to discuss possible solution with Turkish officials.

Turkey, which has been shelling northern Iraq for days and has banned civilian airplanes from flying into Kurdistan through its airspace, is considering a military campaign in Iraqi Kurdistan to uproot the fighters of the Turkish-Kurdish PKK party. The PKK, which is considered as a terrorist organization by Turkey, has waged a two-decade long war against the Turkish government in Turkish Kurdistan.


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