a simple letter of truth written to the Chicago Tribune

Paying for Iraq

I was not in favor of invading Iraq. That said, I now feel that as some politicians have said: You break it, you own it.

We now own a big piece of Iraq. It is sad that we are paying for it with the blood of our young. We will continue to pay for Iraq until Iraqis can govern themselves. That could be decades. It will end up costing billions and billions of dollars that are not even on the books yet.

Just think of it, my grandkids will be stuck paying for a war that was started before they were even born. That’s if their parents don’t get killed fighting a war that was started on a comedy of errors.

On the television recently I saw an ad contendingaddressing that we can’t leave Iraq. Some people said that, “They attacked us.” I think they should read up on history.

People from Afghanistan attacked us, not Iraq. Now Al Qaeda is in Iraq. We must deal with that.

But the blood of our children will be on the president’s hands, not mine. We broke it, We own it!!

Ron Raney



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