anti-american sentiment growing

News & Views 09/29/07

Photo: Iraqi men stand in front of three coffins during a funeral of victims after a U.S. air strike in the Sihha district in Dora southern Baghdad, Iraq, early Friday, Sept. 28, 2007. Iraqi police and witnesses said U.S. troops backed by helicopter gun ships raided an apartment building in a primarily Sunni neighborhood in southern Baghdad on killing at list 10 civilians and wounding 12. The U.S. military said it was checking into the report. (AP Photo/Loay Hameed)

Iraq rejects call for federalism

Iraq’s Shi’ite vice president yesterday rejected a US Senate resolution pushing the Baghdad government to give more control to Iraq’s ethnically divided regions. He insisted federalism was an internal Iraqi matter. The Arab League also firmly rejected the US plan and lambasted Washington for destroying Iraq and turning it into the main base for Al Qaeda.

If Hussein Was Open To Exile Before 2003 Invasion, why are we just being told?

Less than a month before the U.S. invasion of Iraq, Saddam Hussein signaled that he was willing to go into exile as long as he could take with him $1 billion and information on weapons of mass destruction, according to a report of a Feb. 22, 2003, meeting between President Bush and his Spanish counterpart published by a Spanish newspaper yesterday. The meeting at Bush’s Texas ranch was a planning session for a final diplomatic push at the United Nations. The White House was preparing to introduce a tough new Security Council resolution to pressure Hussein, but most council members saw it as a ploy to gain their authorization for war. Spain’s prime minister at the time, Jose Maria Aznar, expressed hope that war might be avoided – or at least supported by a U.N. majority – and Bush said that outcome would be “the best solution for us” and “would also save us $50 billion,” referring to the initial U.S. estimate of what the Iraq war would cost. But Bush made it clear in the meeting that he expected to “be in Baghdad at the end of March.” “It’s like Chinese water torture,” he said of the U.N. negotiations. “We’ve got to put an end to it.”

division after liberation

(This is from a previous u.s. supporter)….Today the liberator plans to divide the country into three Petty Countries? Why? Because they can’t protect it as one piece, they must divide it to control it? I wonder how Saddam governed it as one piece. How we supported each other in sorrow and in joy? What happened now? What make us separate our neighborhoods from each other?? This Sunni neighborhood and this Shiite neighborhood.. These belong to Saudi and those belong to Iran – why?? We used to belong to Iraq all of us. Who will gain benefit from this division? Certainly not Iraqi people. Iraq today is occupied and divided country, occupied according to UN decision and divided according to US’ decision. They took decision to divide Iraq into three areas Sunni, Shiite, and Kurd. I wondering – they liberated us ????? Or they bought us?????? Oh God if they bought us that means we are slaves now: ….they talk and decide as if Iraq is private property not sovereign state.


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