americans more supportive of continuing the war

Poll surprises out-of-touch paper (highly redacted…)

Round Two found that 42 percent of voters think America was right to go into Iraq, while the percentage of those polled who said that it was wrong to go to war had fallen from 61 percent to 51 percent. Elder wrote that growing support for the war seemed odd: “Once in a while a poll finding doesn’t make sense.” It occurred as Congress was debating the war and the Bush administration had to report that Iraq had failed to meet a number of benchmarks for progress.Gen. David Petraeus (was put)…in charge of Iraq and implement(ed)… his nuanced counterinsurgency and no-retreat surge plan.

…the Petraeus strategy does not…bolster the decision to go into Iraq –  the poll did not find a change in voter approval of Bush’ handling of the war -Yet when asked if Washington should wait until September before making major changes in Iraq, 51 percent said yes, 38 percent said no.

With the death toll of U.S. troops surpassing 3,560, Americans have cause to be wary and distressed. They may tell pollsters that they are pessimistic, but that does not mean that they are prepared to lose.


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