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Legal expert ‘baffled’ why White House would invoke executive privilege

Turley…(said)…that he was bewildered by the White House’s willingness to involve itself in such a clearcut case of contempt. “The most straightforward act of contempt is not showing up,” he said of Miers. “I’m not too sure why the White House did that. It was, in my view, a rather silly thing and dangerous thing to do. She could have shown up and still invoked privilege, but instead she didn’t show up, and there are plenty of questions that might have been asked of her which did not involve privilege.”

“Usually presidents will cooperate,” Turley said in dismay. “The Tillman case is a great example of that. It’s unbelievably weak as an assertion, but the White House seems to be invoking executive privilege if anyone is within a 25 mile radius of the building. It’s as clever and as elegant as a meat cleaver. … Past presidents have compromised. On something like Tillman? I don’t think past presidents would have said, ‘Let’s fight this one out.'”

“This is really coming out of Vice President Cheney’s shop,” Turley concluded.


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